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Our Vision

To provide a platform and covering to deprived individuals and organizations in the pursuance of their ministry and fulfillment of their KINGDOM assignment in a supportive environment.

Our Misison

To facilitate: Apostolic Ministry, Short term missions, Evangelism, Children’s Ministry, Youth ministry, Compassionate Ministry, Intercessors Ministry, Churches, Training, Seminars & Leadership Development..

Our Scripture Base

Psalm 32:8

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way thou shalt go; I will guide thee with mine eye (KJV).

9 October 2013

To All partners of Beacon of Hope7

 colesberg report01 colesberg report01

Be greeted in the powerful name of our Lord, Saviour and King of kings, Jesus Christ. We are grateful for your partnership with us. Being a partner with us enables us to go to places where the message of the Kingdom of God is needed. We just came back from Colesberg, Northern Cape, where we’ve spend 9 days of doing missionary work. This writing is a report of the missionary trip we had as well as to reinforce the importance of partnership.

A group of 6 people went to Colesberg to speak to the body of Christ about the Kingdom of God, The Prophetic Destiny of the Church and to demonstrate the power of the Kingdom. We were hosted by Pastor Virgil and Roslyn Thompson who is the Pastor of the House Of Faith Ministries. Our ministry consisted of preaching, children’s ministry, youth ministry, ladies ministry and door to door outreach.

Our preaching was not just in words, but in the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit. We saw many people healed in the name of Jesus and many miracles were done by our Lord.out.” This prayer gives us the indication that there is a need for apostolic ministry to take place not just in the cities, but in rural communities as well so that the whole church can come into alignment with Kingdom of God theology and that of the prophetic ministry.When one of the pastors closed a meeting in prayer, he praised God and said: “Thank you God for sending someone to us to let us understand what the Kingdom of God is all ab

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colesberg report03
colesberg report04
This lady had a nerve pinched in her spine. She had severe pain for a long time and could not walk up straight. She was instantly healed by the power of God.
This lady had an unclean spirit in her body that caused her to have severe pain. She came, bend forward and limping, for prayer. God healed her instantly and the whole church saw her going to her seat in a normal position and without pain and gave praise to the Lord.
This man had no feeling from the waist down. God did not restore him instantly, but restored life from his waist down and can now go to the doctors for therapy so that he can walk again.

A young boy who was blind in the one eye was healed. There was a pastor’s wife who has screws in her ankle who was in great pain. She testified that as soon as the anointing oil touched her ankle the pain was gone. On all of these 9 days we saw the Kingdom of God in action. One of the meetings was filled with a prophetic anointing. On this particular night the Lord revealed the destinies and assignments of some of the people including church leaders. All these prophecies could be confirmed by the people as confirmation of things they either struggled with or as just mere confirmation of their particular ministries.

The ladies ministry experienced a wave of God’s presence and some of them were slain in the Holy Spirit at the time God’s glory appeared.

The children’s ministry: The children that came were above our expectations. They enjoyed the songs that were sung and the different games that were played. The drama within which the memory verse (Jonah 3v2 “Gaan heen na Nineve’ en verkondig die boodskap wat ek jou sal gee”) were acted out, was great fun and easy for them to learn. The story about Jonah and the fish were well presented and the children could understand it clearly and their responses were positive. There were different activities for each age group. They received soup and bread before they left. Upon them leaving they were given sweets to enjoy.

The youth ministry took place in the form of a service where the topic was The Importance of Having A Dream.

The door to door evangelism program took place over 3 days and consisted of praying for the needs of families and demonstrating the power of the Kingdom through healings and miracles as well as informal teachings on God’s plan of salvation.

colesberg report05colesberg report06

We can clearly see how God is taking this ministry to new hights. We have seen over the past 3 missionary trips an increase of God’s presence with us. We are now in need of a missions mobilizer and for leaders to lead our missionary teams in the future. For this reason we will begin training individuals to lead missionary teams.

On the 9 November 2013 we will be presenting a Kingdom Leadership Seminar in Worcester which will be attended by leaders from different denominations. We are also planning to plant another church in 2014. Please pray for us that God would open many more doors of opportunity for our ministry.

Yours in the masters service

Pastor Terence Europa