Find out what we are.

Our Vision

To provide a platform and covering to deprived individuals and organizations in the pursuance of their ministry and fulfillment of their KINGDOM assignment in a supportive environment.

Our Misison

To facilitate: Apostolic Ministry, Short term missions, Evangelism, Children’s Ministry, Youth ministry, Compassionate Ministry, Intercessors Ministry, Churches, Training, Seminars & Leadership Development..

Our Scripture Base

Psalm 32:8

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way thou shalt go; I will guide thee with mine eye (KJV).

The apostolic ministry consists of preaching, teaching, overseeing young churches that are not yet self-propagating; the appointing of leaders to oversee the work of God where apostolic oversight is no more required, taking missionary journeys to both strengthen the body of Christ and to enrich communities by demonstrating the power of the Kingdom of God through healings, miracles and deliverances; planting new churches; providing Godly answers for the church in times of spiritual and theological dilemma.


Somerset East 173 2

One Sunday morning in 2005 Pastor Terence Europa received a prophetic word from the Lord via an Evangelist who came to preach at his church. The Evangelist said: “The Lord says, ‘You must not be afraid to move in the apostolic ministry and from today people will bring you gifts’”. That same day Pastor Terence was the guest speaker at another church’s evening service. Two years prior to this invitation, Pastor Terence has given this church a word from the lord saying, that the time for this church to grow has come. That church then experienced phenomenal growth not just numerically but has also purchased a building as a place for worship over a span of two years. This church invited Pastor Terence that he may see the fulfilment of that prophecy and also to present him with a gift. This church had no prior knowledge of what was spoken to Pastor Terence on that same Sunday morning. 

Since 2010 Pastor Terence has taken apostolic teams into the mission field across South Africa to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom. His ministry is accompanied by prophetic teachings, deliverances, healings, miracles and the strengthening of the body of Christ. Under his leadership a church was planted in Moorreesberg, Western Cape, South Africa in 2012. He is currently planting a church in Manenberg on the Cape Flats in South Africa. Manenberg is notorious for gangster violence and drug trafficking. The pioneering of this church originally started in Hanover Park where he would come together with a few believers for eight months just to pray every Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings since February 2014.


In October 2014 the Lord gave his wife, Lavona, a dream in which the Lord showed her that the church will receive news of a classroom which is made available for them to have services in. In that same week the church prayed over this dream thanking God for the classroom. Then, on the Friday of that same week the church got news that a classroom is made available to the church without the church having applied for it.

Through his apostolic ministry, Pastor Terence has started a satellite bible school where he teaches believers the Word of God every Sunday evening. He intends to equip teachers so that more satellite bible schools can exist. The aim of these satellite bible schools is to equip believers for Christian service. These satellite bible schools do not have as an aim academic achievement.