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Here at BOH7 we believe in partnership. Partnership is what advances the Kingdom of God.


In 2011 BOH7 took an outreach team to Arniston, Western Cape, South Africa with a message of healing. In the last service, a man who had cancer of the stomach came forward for prayer. As Ps. Terence Europa was about to pray for the man, one of the team members came to him and told him that the Lord told him (the team member), he must tell Ps. Terence to fill a glass with water, pray over it and let the man drink it. Ps. Terence did as the team member instructed him (this was kind of a weird experience for Ps. Terence, since he is used to only lay hands on the sick and pray for their healing).
Now, a few years later, the man is healed of cancer and told his story. The man said that on that day when Ps. Terence asked him to drink the water, he became angry at Pastor Terence because he could not drink a glass of water, he could only sip a little bit then he would have enough. Now he was asked to drink a glass full of water in front of people. As he drank the water, he said, it was as if the water was disappearing into his legs.

Now only God knew this man’s fear. This man was healed because of partnership. The team member had to have courage to inform Ps. Terence what the Lord has instructed. Both the man with cancer and Ps. Terence had to be obedient for the man to be healed. The man had to drink the glass of water; Ps. Terence had to obey the team member even though he is the pastor. Can you imagine what would have happened if the man was overcome by his fear or if Ps. Terence had to pull rank, being the pastor or if the team member did not have the courage to tell Ps. Terence what the Lord has told him? Praise God it all came together and God performed that day a miracle for our brother through the ministry of partnership.

There are many ways in which individuals can get involved in the ministry of BOH7.


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